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Return Policy & Warranty

return policy and warranty


Any complaints relating to the external characteristics of the Products or to their packaging which are not due to damages deriving from transportation (apparent defects) shall be notified in writing to TGI di Michele Belletti, under penalty of forfeiture, within 7 (SEVEN) days from the date of delivery by the carrier (borderò).

Any complaints relating to defects which cannot be detected by a diligent control at the moment of receipt (hidden defects) shall be notified to TGI Di Michele Belletti in writing, under penalty of forfeiture, within 7 (SEVEN) days from the date in which the Customer has discovered or should have discovered the above mentioned hidden defects. In any case, the action shall expire within one year from the date of delivery of the Products to the Customer by the carrier.

Requests for returns must be sent in writing to, indicating the article and the sales order number issued by our portal
will not be - in any case - taken into account requests for returns relating to items purchased more than 12 months for which you can not recover the VAT, as indicated in art. 26 of Presidential Decree 633/1972 paragraph 3.
No Product may be returned by the Customer without the prior written authorization of TGI di Michele Belletti; such authorization will not imply in any case any acknowledgement of the reported defects.
The return authorisation will automatically expire if the return is not received within 30 days from its receipt;
The return must bear the relevant authorisation number.
The Products must be sent to TGI di Michele Belletti's warehouse accompanied by a document which must indicate the details of the invoice for each single Product for VAT purposes pursuant to art. 26 of D.P.R. 633/1972 paragraph 3. In no case, will be accepted returns of materials if not returned intact, in their original packaging, intact, and without stickers or labels other than the original. Shipping costs will always be borne by the customer.
In the absence of authorization or a reference to a valid authorization number - or return not intact or not conform - in quantity and quality - to what was authorized, the return will be rejected.
Our agents are not authorized to collect returns.


In cases not provided for in Article 1), any authorization to return for credit will apply a reduction of 15% from the invoice price paid by the customer for administrative costs.
Return requests for credit, not attributable to TGI Di Michele Belletti, for amounts lower than €50 will not be taken into consideration due to the high management costs.
For any returns for credit the quantities that will be authorized must be in original packaging, otherwise they will be rejected.
All returns for credit even if authorized in writing must be received in Free Port otherwise they will be rejected to the sender.
The Credit Note will be automatically deducted by our Data Processing System, from the next purchase invoice of the Customer of higher amount. Please note that, according to the general terms and conditions of sale of TGI Di Michele Belletti, the Customer may not raise any objection in order to avoid or delay, even partially, the payment of the invoices to TGI Di Michele Belletti. It is therefore strictly forbidden for the Customer to unilaterally offset the amounts of the credit notes issued by us with the amount still due. Such form of compensation is tantamount, to all intents and purposes, to insolvency.
In the cases envisaged in article 10) the amount of the invoice must be higher than the amount of the credit note, otherwise it will be deducted from the next invoice of a higher amount. In all other cases a partial credit is allowed.


The request for return for replacement must relate to the same product code and must specify the type of defect.
The return for replacement is authorized only in the cases provided for in Article 1).
The replacement of the product will take place after the proven defectiveness of the product.


For products for which the warranty period has expired, all costs relating to replaced components and labour will be charged.
Without an indication of the type of defect, we will not be able to repair the product.


For all TGI Di Michele Belletti's products, the warranty is for LIFE, for products sold on the portal, the manufacturer's warranty is valid as per the law.

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