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Acquistando questo prodotto guadagnerai 55 Punti per un valore di 55.00!
Acquistando questo prodotto guadagnerai 55 Punti per un valore di 55.00!
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It’s not just an effective alreadylet Stab resistant, but this 5 mm thick internal model also offers a good level of protection against cutting trauma and contusions.

Based on our frontline operational experience, we can only point out that an impact based assault is a more likely and frequent type of attack than a firearm attack.


– Concealable and lightweight

– Protects the spine, ribs and all vital organs

– Worn comfortably

– Easy to put on and take off in seconds

– Very long life

– Front zip closure

Who is this product suitable for ?
– Anyone dealing with high-risk individuals,
potentially violent or aggressive

– Those operating in geographical areas
known for criminal activity, drugs, alcohol and thugs.
– Who has to work alone who often have to face
dangerous and problematic customers
– Notifiers applying the laws and regulations,
who must deliver documents
– Individuals or teams protecting
properties, events and people

Inside 5mm thin polycarbonate sheets, moulded to the upper
body shape
Incorporates impact protective foam comfort layer
High quality covert cover made out of Cordura® – features a
high-tech spacer fabric providing the highest level of comfort
when worn in hot and humid environments
Stab Protection Tested and certifed to HOSDB Knife Resistance Standard KR1
Blunt Trauma Protection Excellent level of protection from a kick, punch or blow – or blunt
objects such as piece of iron, chair, table, bricks, etc.
Needle Protection Excellent level of protection from narrower blades &
hypodermic needles
Tested Energy Level 1 24 Joules – 7mm Maximum Penetration
Tested Energy Level 2 36 Joules -20mmMaximumPenetration
Sizes XS – 4XL
Weight 2.3KG (Size L)
Clothing Care Protective f llers easily removed so the outer cover can be
machine washable
Colour Black orwhite
Place of Manufacture UK
ReplacementCover 700101

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S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

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